Stranded away from home, at a distance beyond imagination,

your hope to see the Earth again fades slowly away.

In the dusk of the foreign sky,

the only ray of hope left is your waning flashlight.

Immerse yourself in the world of Reach, a first-person adventure and exploration game.

Try to find out what had brought you to this unknown region of the universe, in a solar system illuminated by two suns and a cosmic expanse filled with constellations unseen by human eyes.

Discover what is hidden amongst the sands of the desert planet Athron.
Find out whether your way back home is forever buried under the endless sea of dunes.

Media page is online

Our media page is growing fast, check it out to see the latest screen shots and videos.

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Read the game story

Part of the Reach game story is now uploaded to the website.

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Forum is now open

Reach forum is now ready to welcome you and to answer all the questions you may heave. Please follow the community link in the main menu.

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