Game story



  — Jim Ritter

 The Accident
Earth – the year is 2064. You are commander Jim Ritter, an astronaut on board of the UEA(United Earth Aerospace) orbital station. The mission of your crew is to perform series of tests with a new generation of spacecraft engines. During the first launch of the engines something goes wrong and a powerful explosion renders you unconscious.

 The New World
You wake up after an unknown period of time. The space station is depressurized and is leaking oxygen. You find out that all the members of your crew are missing and you’re the only breathing person left onboard. Fortunately the main computer and navigation systems are still working and they are reporting the presence of a small Earth-like planet, orbiting around a gas giant. The light coming from the outside looks strange and warmer than usual. When you gaze through the illuminators, instead of our star, you see two reddish suns standing in the blackness of the cosmos.

 Lost In The Dunes
The only way for you to survive is to escape the unstable space station and land on the Earth-like planet, that has an oxygen rich atmosphere and hopefully liquid water on the surface. You get in the command module and set the landing parameters. As the module detaches the station and enters the atmosphere you strap in and prepare for a rough ride.
A vast desert of sand spreads in each direction all the way to the horizon where the binary star is setting down. As you roam the desert, you stumble upon a giant concrete structures, rising up from the sands. It seems like you were not the first earthling to come here, as these remnants appear to be of human origin.


  — Alvaro Huerta

 The Delta System
By the end of the year of 2045 most of the world borders are completely dissolved and humanity voluntarily accepted a new form of government in the face of a sophisticated self-learning artificial intelligence network called Delta. Under the rule of the new digital government, the improved efficiency of production and management of Earth resources allowed for revolutionary achievements. For less than a decade poverty, overconsumption and human labor were totally eliminated. The creation of an AI world government turned out to be the smartest move in the evolution of the human society.

 UEA(United Earth Aerospace)
In the course of all this upswing, the constantly evolving artificial intelligence showed unexpected interest into fields of research and development that were not given to it as top priorities. A significant part of the world resources has been redirected by Delta to the new world space agency – UEA(United Earth Aerospace). Soon the intense research in the fields of physics, astronomy and mathematics ushered new generations of rocket engines, that harness the power of exotic fuels like electromagnetic plasma and anti-matter. Despite the encouraging results, the frequent accidents and anomalies surrounding the development of the new thrusters, make people to suspend the tests and limiting them to computer generated simulations.

 Conquest Of The Planets
The advancements in technologies led the people to the most distant places of our solar system. Thanks to the abundance of resources, many of the newly created colonies have declared independence and left the jurisdiction of the Delta. The autonomy of the new colonies caused the return of some obsolete and degrading methods of allocating and exchanging resources, such as monetary systems.

 Message In A Bottle
The satellites of a small Martian mining colony, named Alva-Ares, registered series of signals with an artificial origin, coming beyond the orbit of Saturn. According to the report, the signals were not encoded and they were transmitted by an ancient equipment that uses radio waves for broadcasting. Part of the message contains a detailed description of an accident that took place onboard of a spaceship, more than two hundred years ago. Intrigued by what they’ve found, people from the colony sent a small vessel to the source that is transmitting the signal.

 The Unheard Voice
The mass usage of gamma rays for sending data through the cosmos have almost eliminated the traditional radio waves. Because of its cheap production, easy maintenance and repair, the old radio systems were still utilized by some small groups of colonies, mostly mining ones, like the Alva-Ares. Due to these circumstances the modern receivers of the United Earth Aerospace left blind and deaf for the presence of the strange object, floating in the outer boundaries of the solar system.

 A Glimpse To The Unknown
The owner of Alva-Ares, Alvaro Huerta orders the case to be classified and the archaic equipment to remain sealed until it’s examined personally by him. The contents of the information carriers in the two hundred years old space craft surpass Huerta’s wildest expectations. The recordings of a lost astronaut are telling a story of an incredible journey through the deep space into an abandoned human colony. Located in an unknown part of the universe, the strange colony was built on a small desert planet, that seems unreachable by current human technology.